SRU Chassis

SKU: MR-23-902151-01

The SRU Chassis is hermetically sealed to meeting IP68 standards. Able to withstand pressure in up to 100 feet of water, the SRU chassis is exceptional where electronics need to be protected from extreme environments.

Their small footprint and ability to be racked and latch-locked together (clipping servers, wireless equipment and power systems) make them the perfect option for any stand alone component or rackable replacement solution.

SRU (Submersible Rack Unit)

Chassis Specifications:

Width 12.00” x Height 2.50” x Depth 11.75”
Width 305mm x Height 63mm x Depth 298mm

Milled Aluminum Weight: 7Lbs – 3.17kg
Fiber-Reinforced Plastic & Aluminum Weight: 3Lbs – 1.36kg
Immersion Rating:
IP68 to 150ft / 45m
Unit Component Mating:
Dual O-ring mating construction

Aluminum: Anodize
Reinforced Plastic: Natural or Paint

Unit Features:
The chassis can be used individually or clipped
together creating a blade style on-the-go immediate
deployable solution.

The SRU Platform is available for OEM and integration of
customer components allowing customers to custom bundle
solutions into one versatile footprint with minimum investment.

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