• OS Windows Server 16  25 users

OS Windows Server 16 25 users

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Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard

With Windows Server 2012 R2 you can scale to run your most important workloads with robust recovery options. You’ll achieve value quickly with a wide range of cost-effective, high-performance storage options and simplified delivery of multi-tenant IT services. You can build, deploy, operate, and monitor applications on premises and in the cloud. Empower users with secure access to corporate resources on the devices they choose.

Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard is perfect for:

Any business with 25 or more users that wants to leverage the performance and scalability of Windows Server.

Build Your Future with
 Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition

Windows Server 2016 Standard Edition is the cloud-ready operating system that supports your current workloads while introducing new technologies that make it easy to transition to cloud computing when you are ready.

Safeguard Your Business

Windows Server Standard has security built in to help safeguard data across devices and apps onsite or in the cloud, and help you recover from business disruptions.
•Help guard administrator credentials from Pass-the-Hash attacks by using Credential Guard and Remote Credential Guard.
•Limit administrator privileges with Just-In -Time Administration and Just Enough Administration.
•Enhance the protection of your applications on-premises or running in the cloud.
•Help ensure only trusted software runs on the server with Device Guard.
•Help protect against memory corruption attacks with Control Flow Guard.
•Help protect against known malware with Windows Defender optimized for server roles.
•Help detect suspicious behavior in the kernel or other sensitive processes with advanced logging for threat detection.
•Help protect computing fabric by validating (attesting) the identity and configuration of Hyper-V hosts.

Improve IT Efficiency and Productivity

Windows Server Standard gives you the business tools of a much larger company to help increase efficiency and maximize your IT investment
•Develop and manage with agility using Windows Server containers
•Cluster Operating System Rolling Upgrade enables you to upgrade the operating system of the cluster nodes from Windows Server 2012 R2 to Windows Server 2016 without stopping the Hyper-V or the Scale-Out File Server workloads.
•Hyper-V Replica contributes to your disaster recovery strategy by replicating virtual machines from one Hyper-V host server to another—or to the cloud—to keep your workloads available.
•Provide a better graphics experience to mobile workers who use Remote Desktop Services sessions.

Be Ready for the Cloud

Whether you are moving to the cloud now or in the future, Windows Server Standard gives you the best of both worlds with technologies designed for hybrid cloud IT environments.
•Run your workloads on Hyper-V, then easily migrate them from on-premises to a Windows Server virtual machine in the cloud.
•Combine the benefits of containers with Azure Service Fabric and Windows Server for true business agility in cloud-native apps.
•Enable real-time replication and transparent failover of your virtual machines to a backup vault in Azure with Azure Site Recovery Services integration.
•Use Azure Virtual networking integration to create a point-to-point (P2P) or site-to-site (S2S) virtual private network that makes Azure resources, such as virtual machines and storage, look as though they are on the local network.

Key Server Scenarios
Server Utilization
""Don't pay more to virtualize""
Windows Server 2016 includes support for virtualization and containers at no extra cost. 

Disaster Recovery
""Know you're covered in a disaster""
Traditional disaster recovery solutions can be costly; Windows Server 2016 makes DR more affordable.
•Deliver real-time, high availability Disaster Recovery (DR) to on-premises or cloud using Storage Replica
•Reduce business risk and keep costs lower using off-peak bandwidth in multiple locations with Azure Backup

Failover Clustering
""Ensure business continuity from hardware failure""
With built-in failover clustering, SMBs have access to high availability at no extra cost.
•High availability of mission-critical workloads, even during upgrades or migrations
•Spread any risk across different physical office locations/sites
•Add capacity onsite or in remote sites

Flexible and Cost Effective Storage
""Efficiently manage your data and storage costs""
30% of midsize organizations will leverage public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for backup by 2019, up from 5% today.[1]
•Scalable storage options to meet your growing data needs
•Manage spiraling storage costs with flexible storage options
•Peace of mind knowing critical data is protected onsite and remotely

Hybrid Cloud
""Move to cloud on your terms""
80% of U.S. small businesses will be fully adapted to cloud computing by 2020, more than doubling the current 37% rate.[2]
•Flexibility of control and workload security
•Lower upfront IT costs
•Faster delivery of IT services with less effort
•Higher performance and lower latency with on-premises

Windows Server 2016 Licensing and CALS
Licensing is core-based and works with Client Access Licenses (CALs):
•New computing models enable greater mobility of data and apps between on-premises and cloud.
•Moving to Core Licensing model establishes a common currency for computing resources on-premises or in the cloud.
•Core Licensing model aligns to the evolution of hardware technology shift to core density, versus processor density.
•CAL required for each user and/or device accessing a licensed Windows Server instance.

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