Nett Warrior Battery Adapter for ANPRC-152, ANPRC-148 JEM

SKU: MR-02-902059-01

•Weight: 3 Ounces
•Provides 12V Regulated output
•Fully over molded design
•Wire Length: 3 ft.
•Radio Adapter Height: 3/4""
•Environment: Dust and Sandproof, Watertight up to IP67/NEMA 6P
•Electrical: Equipped with Diodes to prevent reverse polarity
•Temperature Rating: -40C to +85C
•Corrosion resistant, non-conductive connectors Rugged to withstand harsh environments
•Compatible with all Land Warrior /Nett Warrior batteries including Conformal, lLI-80, LI-145, Palladium CWB-150  Batteries
•Powers the AN/PRC-152, AN/PRC-148 and WAVE, MPU4, MPU5

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