• IsatHub Hardware & Service Bundle

IsatHub Hardware & Service Bundle

SKU: MR-02-902078-01

Talk, text or access the internet using your smartphone or tablet – anytime, anywhere. IsatHub provides near global communications service to your mobile device, so you’re always connected.
This specific bundle includes the IsatHub equipment as well as a 50 unit prepaid SIM card.

For more information, inquire at sales@mobilerugged.com or call 813-925-6120.

Mobile Applications:

IsatHub Control IsatHub Voice

•Signal strength
•Network registration
•Service access controls
•Battery/AC status indicator
•Battery/AC status indicator
•Firewall pre-set selections
•Two security levels
•Terminal temperature warning
•Personal assistance button
•User help
•Send and receive voice calls
•Send and receive text messages
•Access existing contacts
•Call duration information

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