SKU: MR-02-902082-01

The EXPLORER 540 is the world's first and only BGAN M2M terminal designed to operate on both Inmarsat BGAN and cellular 2G/3G/GPRSnetworks.

As the only BGAN M2M terminal to offer dual mode operation,EXPLORER 540 provides flexibility and M2M data communication cost-control, as it ensures the most cost-effective communication service can be chosen depending on location or application.

Securing continuity of M2M IP data transfer, which often originates in hard to reach, remote locations, dual-mode operation delivers significant failover capabilities with automatic switching between BGAN and cellular networks.

For organisations transferring critical real-time data within their M2M networks, EXPLORER 540’s dual mode can provide unmatched service availability.

EXPLORER 540 features a rugged design that supports reliable and secure IP data in even the harshest environments.

At just 20 x 20 cm and 1.6 KG in weight, the EXPLORER 540 is the smallest and lightest BGAN M2M terminal.  The durable casing and a dust and water resistant IP66 design makes it the perfect choice for any kind of fixed installation.

The EXPLORER 540 BGAN utilises the Inmarsat satellite network.

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