• BGAN Cobham Explorer 510

BGAN Cobham Explorer 510

SKU: MR-02-902070-01

Inmarsat’s BGAN is the world’s first mobile communications service to provide global, simultaneous voice and broadband data through a single, portable device. It is also the first to offer guaranteed data rates on-demand. BGAN terminals offer high performance and portability with quick and easy setup. Users can access email, corporate networks, and the Internet – plus, transfer files, send live video, make calls, send SMS, faxes, and much more.


•Service Provider: Inmarsat
•Manufacturer: Cobham
•Coverage: Global
•Bandwidth: Up to 464 Kbps
•Streaming IP: 32, 64 & 128
•Data Interface: USB, RJ45 (USB adapter) Optional LTE Modem (USB adapter) 802.11 WiFi b/g/n
•Battery Life: 3 hours 36 hours standby

In-Box Accessories:

•AC/DC Adapter
•Explorer Soft Bag
•Getting Started Kit
•USB to Ethernet Cable

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